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    Margie (MJ) Baldock is an entrepreneur, property developer, financial adviser, and mother. In her book, the Mother Lode Manifesto: How to Conceive a Fortune and Give Birth to your Wildest Dreams, Margie provides a step-by-step master plan for women to achieve financial independence and gain an abundance of time, whilst transforming the destructive path our world is heading down. Margie’s purpose is to create a Trillion Dollar Women’s Wealth Virus- creating one million women new female millionaires. Margie shows women how to design inspiring lives: and how to make a fortune doing what you love. Margie lives with her husband and 7 year-old son in ‘paradise’, on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Margie is available to interview by arrangement globally, or by Skype and telephone.


    • Margie has kicked the self help genre into a totally new dimension. Gone are the days of ruthless giving without receiving, dog eat dog workforces and a ‘break your own heart’ choice between your femininity, work and family. Margie lets women know that they can forget the concept of ‘baby steps’ when it comes to equality, independence and legacy, it is time to take the bull by the horns and take flying leaps in the direction of our choice with a superb amount of guidance and resources that Margie provides!

      Casey Evans, Publisher, Love Republic Magazine
    • Once in a while a book comes along not only with a positive message of hope but with actual strategies for genuine improvement. In this groundbreaking book, Margie courageously takes on important subjects that we know to be true. Her authenticity and her credentials, wit and insight will make this, i believe, a book that will be spoken about by women, and some enlightened men,  the world over, who want more in this world and are willing to take action to get it. They say 'There is Nothing more powerful than a message whose time has come'. Well it is about time!

      Simon Treselyan, Speaker and Bestselling Author
    • This is an incredibly strong book – the way you put the power and energy behind what you do onto the page is extraordinary. It is VERY impactful as a read; it influenced me from the start. I am not normally into ‘empower the woman’ content – as it’s fluffy – but this book is very REAL. It impacted me at the heart level as well as the head. Let me say that this book is outstanding. Unreal. By far, one of the best I have reviewed.

      Emily Gower, Author, The Unlikely Entrepreneur
    • Margie's book is not only inspiring and informative but gives you a real plan to put in place to achieve financial freedom! Brilliant! Highly recommend!

      Casey Evans
    • Not only will The Mother Lode Manifesto change the way you look at making money, it will change the way you look at the world AND your personal power. Margie has successfully merged spirituality and capitalism--two things we're told are mutually exclusive on a regular basis. Margie's voice is strong, passionate and endearing--a very easy read for such a powerful message! This book will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

      Michelle Colston
    • This is an amazing book for any woman who wishes to be independent and able to survive on her own without the need to be tied to a partner ! Its Practical and Pragmatic, and a real life perspective that margie has actually been through detailed in an easy to read format for the benefit of anyone who takes the time to learn from her wisdom and experiences. The system is designed to oppress us all, and especially for women and for me as a father of 2 beautiful daughters i do not accept that they should simply conform to being slaves within the system and subservient to anyone - men, women, governments or corporations. For any parent of a young daughter or any woman who is looking for some clarity and direction with regards to the system and how to best navigate your way through it and not only survive but to thrive........ then this book should be top of the list !!!! I will giving this gift to both of my daughters for christmas.......5 stars from me !!!!

    • I found this a very enjoyable read and just couldn't put the book down! It is inspiring and motivating - I think all women who want to be independently successful in life should read this. I now believe that I will be financially free in 7 years without a doubt. I loved how easy it was to read and understand - anyone could read it. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

    • YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK, NOW!!! Margie's achievements are astounding and I am super excited by the concept of financial independence with her easy to apply advice. I am starting to take the advice from this book and it is such a good feeling. An outstanding bible for any lady, or guy :-) !!!

      Anita Soto
    • I love this book. It talks to a critical topic- that of women as mothers, wives and independent individuals. It is written with honesty and passion because it comes from exactly those sources. The author walks the talk and her own achievements and openness are a testament to not only her talent but her courage also. A must read for any mother, daughter, wife, woman and man.

      Joana Perkins
    • I thought this was a smart, insightful and profoundly enlightening look at women and just how to get ahead in a "man's world". Ms. Baldock provides a wonderfully honest and straightforward look at the business world from a woman's perspective, showing clear and concise ways for women to take their own career and standing in the world into their own hands and make the system work for them. The book is written in a casual but professional and highly information way that offers readers a down-to-earth and easy to understand guide to hitting the "mother lode". Overall, it was a great read that gave me a lot to think about and a great deal of resources to pursue to make my career and life one that I choose and one that meets my needs and desires rather than letting it be directed by others.

      Alexandria Westwood
    • This is SUCH a good book! Can't put it down! I'm so motivated!

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