The Mother Lode TV is the first TV show about wealth creation that talks "woman" and gets to the heart of money matters in a way that women want and can relate too. It's a fast paced, funny, fun-loving show, that seeks to uncover creative solution to women's money problems.

Secret Celebrity Women’s Business - celebrities using their fame to elevate causes important to their hearts through social entreprise

Million Dollar Mums - success stories

Tried & Tested – Test-drive the best of breed products eg cosmetics, cleaning products, food, clothing, travel, financial services etc (best value for money choices that are pro-woman)

How to Look Rich But Live Cheap - frugal options to get the most out life

How the Other Half Live - Looking at the lives of women in other parts of the world (the haves and the have-nots)

Paying It Forward- Women Helping Other Women

Living large – showcases rich girls toys….the spoils of success. The fun stuff…girl style! Think diamonds/luxury holidays/pampering retreats/latest beauty treatments/shopping paradise etc.

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